Debian SbD
Apt Repository

The Hardened Debian project supplies many useful packages which aid in the goals of enhancing the security of Debian. D:SbD encourages the efforts of the Hardened Debian project, and hosts an apt repository maintained by them.

The Hardened Debian repository contains things that are of direct interest to D:SbD, such as a compiler with SSP and hardened kernels with PaX enabled. It is, however, maintained by the Hardened Debian project and is neither the work of nor specifically maintained for the D:SbD project. We (D:SbD and HD) have mutual benefit in D:SbD hosting the repository.

The apt repository resides at for now.

Note to Alioth staff: If there are policy problems with the hosting of this repository, contact If this cannot be resolved, the repository will be removed.

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